The Iberian Society of Ecology (SIBECOL) will award the best two oral communications made by young researchers during the ISMS meeting with 200 euros each. Only young researchers of SIBECOL that have their 2020 membership fees updated by the 30th of June will be eligible for these awards. There will be two categories:  one for PhD students and the other one for early postdoctoral researchers (up to 6 year after PhD defence by the 30th of June 2020).


Please if you are a young researcher member of SIBECOL send an e-mail to before 30th of June in order to apply for this context.


Please note that SIBECOL encompasses a community of marine ecologists plus 4 ecological societies: AIL (Iberian association of Limnology), AEET (Asociación Española de Ecología), SPECO (Sociedade Portuguesa de Ecologia) y SEEEE (Sociedad Española de Etología y Ecología Evolutiva). Any young researcher member of AIL, AEET, SPECO, and SEEE can apply to these awards if all the requirements mentioned above are fulfilled.