Frequently asked questions

If I have paid for my registration, but in the last minute I realise I can't attend, can I claim for cancellation and refund?

The cancellation of the purchase (registration) must be notified by e-mail. Cancellations made by phone will not be valid.

Cancellations completed before March 31, 2020, included, will have a total refund of the purchase, except for a 10% for management expenses.

Cancellations completed between April 1, 2020 and May 18, 2020, both included, will have a 50% refund of the amount of the purchase.

After May 18, 2020, no cancellations or refunds will be accepted.



All requests for cancellation must be sent in writing (e-mail) before the dates previously announced to

Can I attend ISMS 2020 as listener without presenting any communication?

Yes, of course. ISMS 2020 and associated events consider two types of attendance, as communication presenter, either oral (talk) or written (poster), or just as a listener (e.g. someone who wants to learn from the results presented or who wants to prepare herself/himself for future congresses as contributor). Symposiums and congresses are a great place to learn and make new contacts for the future.

Is there any symposium attendance grant?

Not directly from the organization of ISMS 2020 and associated events. Each promoting or external university is free to decide giving scholarships to its students, so you should ask your university.

Should I register and pay before submitting the abstract?

No, this is a two step process. First, you must submit your abstract, and then you will be allowed to register and pay the registration fee. Optionally, you can wait receiving the acceptance of your communication to register. Remember that the reduced rate is only until March 31, 2020.

In what language should I write the abstract?

Abstracts, both for oral communications and for posters, must be written in English. For oral presentations themselves you can choose either Spanish or English, although the latter language is recommended.

Are there discounts for unemployed persons?

Yes, if you are unemployed and present the relevant official supporting documentation, you will be allowed to pay the student fee instead of the professional one. You should contact