ISMS 2020 is already underway

From the 1st to the 3rd of July 2020, the city of Barcelona will host a series of highly attractive coordinated scientific events in the field of Marine Sciences:

VII International Symposium on Marine Sciences (ISMS 2020), which is organized biannually by the six Spanish universities offering the bachelor of Marine Sciences (Alicante, Barcelona, Cádiz, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Católica de Valencia and Vigo). The ISMS first edition took place in 2007 with the goal of bringing together the full range of topics in the field of Marine Sciences. The ISMS is now a well-established meeting venue for researchers and experts, as well as an excellent opportunity for students and post-graduates to present and gain exposure about the results and findings of their bachelor’s and master’s projects. ISMS 2020 involves a world-class group of keynote speakers at plenary sessions and actively seeks for extensive international participation. Transdisciplinary sessions will be given priority, together with the presence of Citizen Science, in order to strengthen the connections between different disciplines and between science and society.

– XX Iberian Seminar on Marine Chemistry (SIQUIMAR 2020), equally held every two years, and in coincidence with ISMS during the four past editions. SIQUIMAR first edition took place in 1983 and brings together Spanish and Portuguese scientists who use chemical tools for studying marine processes. In addition of being an open forum to present results and exchange viewpoints, SIQUIMAR is an ideal framework to explore new lines of research, identify common interests and establish synergies as the seed of new collaborative projects.

 Workshop on Marine Litter (BAMAR 2020), which is proposed as a response to the current concern on this matter within the scientific community and in the society at large. Marine litter is a highly complex subject that is urgent and necessary to tackle from diverse and complementary points of view. The answers obtained and the actions that have to be implemented will be critical for the good environmental status of our marine ecosystems. BAMAR will be held for the first time in Barcelona, also in the framework of ISMS 2020.

Workshop on Marine Reserves (REMAR 2020), which is conceived to recognize both the crucial role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) for the preservation of ecosystems, communities and species, and its contribution to the improvement of scientific knowledge in their role of natural laboratories. While the number of MPAs has significantly increased in the last years, including some extensive areas in the Pacific or Antarctica, there is also growing awareness on the weaknesses of this protection tool against persistent threats, such as climate change and its different expressions in the ocean. REMAR will have its first meeting also in the framework of ISMS 2020.

These four events will be held at the same venue, in the Faculties of Biology and Earth Sciences of the University of Barcelona, under a single registration formula, so that any participant will be able to attend freely all different sessions, oral presentations and exhibitions of posters. Attendees will have plenty of opportunities for learning and openly exchange knowledge and ideas with their peers.

The city of Barcelona and its surroundings constitute one of the biggest European clusters in Marine Sciences, built on a number of highly dynamic and internationally recognized research institutes and universities. The region of Barcelona is one of the world’s prime examples of the Blue Economy thanks to the use of resources, the production of goods, the services offered and the usage of the coast and the sea. Today’s Barcelona is a city open to the sea, and also one of the cities in the world that hosts more congresses every year.

For all these reasons, the organizing committees are pleased to invite you to participate in this event of events, whether you are a researcher, an expert, a popularizer, a manager, a teacher, a student or just an interested citizen. See you at ISMS 2020 in Barcelona!